Attorney Doug Emhoff Husband of Kamala Harris To Bring Strong Ties To LA As the Second Gentleman

As Kamala Harris gets elected as the vice president, Southern Californians are knowing more about her husband, Doug Emhoff, who made a career as a high-profile entertainment lawyer in the region prior to his wife launching her presidential and VP campaigns.

In the opinion of Mayor Eric Garcetti, they will have their senator, Kamala Harris, who’s had the good acumen to wed a great boy from Los Angeles and now resides there, they will have an Angeleno in the White House alongside Joe Biden, an amazing and strong advocate for justice, for the opportunity and for equity in our country,” said.

Emhoff, a Cal State Northridge graduate, will be the first man in U.S. history to assume the role of vice-presidential spouse.

Emhoff has said he plans to quit his private law practice by Inauguration Day to concentrate on White House duties but hasn’t yet declared what functions he plans to take on.

It was Emhoff who shot a video of Harris calling Biden after news of their win, which she shared on social media.

Harris and Emhoff met in 2013 and married a year later. It was Harris’ first marriage and Emhoff’s second. His children are in their 20s and address Harris as Momala, a play on her name and a Yiddish word for little mother.

A friend played cupid and Harris recalls the scrutiny she witnessed as a single woman in her 40s and her lack of interest to be public about her relationships in her memoir, “The Truths We Hold.” She first made Emhoff public during a 2014 speech about a truancy initiative she’d pursued. Her team would refer to everything that came next as A.D., After Doug.

Harris was then the attorney general of California, and Emhoff was practising law as a managing director for the West Coast branch of Venable LLP, dealing with clients in the entertainment industry with a focus on trademark disputes and intellectual property. He’d earlier represented clients including Merck, Walmart and an arms-dealer based in Fresno, clients that today seem out of step with progressive wings of the Democratic Party.

When Harris began her term in the U.S. Senate in 2017, Emhoff shifted to DLA Piper, which had a presence in Washington and Los Angeles, where Harris and Emhoff split their time. Very recently, he’s defended clients including a production company and a prominent winemaker.